Further On Up The Road

After many years of pub-crawl inactivity and domain renewals, I’m shutting down this .com.au domain.

Turns out I had dozens of domains that I once registered and used, but have now just become an annoying recurring bill from GoDaddy. They made the mistake of cranking up .au costs by almost 100% which got my attention and forced me to decide if I still wanted them or not. Mostly not. And certainly not with them.

I’ll be moving the content from this site to batboyspubcrawl.wordpress.com and then eventually redirect this domain until it expires in June 23. If anyone wants to take it over before then – drop me a line and let me know.

Hope you’re all well and fighting the good fight, and then enjoying a delicious beverage or three on the weekend with someone to keep you warm.

Let’s never give up on the idea of another weekend together in Bathurst sometime further on up the road. See you then.