Double Pepperoni is a tech related blog by Michael Quinn – basically a spot to share stories and my thoughts on things. While primarily it might be about Apple, other topics could include Formula 1, cricket, Doctor Who, wine, Warcraft, music, movies, and other tech stuff. And pizza.

Why Double Pepperoni?

The name just came to me one day when I was working. It seemed a pretty cool name that was a bit generic, but most fellow geeks could relate to. Any handsome man should be able to tell you that Pepperoni Pizza is the best.

DP History

Double Pepperoni (.com) was first used for my website business. However, that name got changed to Mildura Internet when I moved to Mildura in 2003, and then AusClicks a few years later.

For a while, my tech blog was under Down Under Geek, but I decided to return to my roots at DP when relaunching the blog for 2015.

About Michael

I’ve been playing with computers since his first MicroBee in 1983 – a ColourBee with a whopping 32k of memory.

Where are the comments?

Can’t be bothered moderating them to be honest. Maybe later.

Would love to hear any and all comments and feedback via Twitter @michaelq or @doublepepperoni. More than happy to have a discussion there.

Contact Michael Quinn

Best way to get in touch me is via Twitter. We can email after that if needed.

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