Halfway there with domain switch

OK, so far so good with out domain registrar switch. Now for the fun bit.

So far the switch to Hover has been pretty smooth sailing – same as out other 50+ transfers we have done in the last month or so.

But AusClicks is a little different. Our website is hosted on a WordPress MU Network install (one WordPress, many sites), but our email has been hosted by NetRegistry for about two years.

It was back in around May this year we started having real issues with our emails – and old registrar and host in general. So I have been looking for a good solid alternative since, 3 or 4 attempts later, I’m very happy with the new setup and pretty excited for what we can do next year and beyond.

But still, we need to do one last switch – either it will be as smooth as everything else – or I will be a little ball of stress at the Dubbo Chamber Breakfast tomorrow morning out at Lazy River.

See you there !!

PS – if you find our email borked. Call, contact us on AusClicks Twtter or use michaelq@gmail.com