Email and Domain Switch Done

Looks like we had a few bugs to iron out during the week, but it looks like our transfer of domain registrar and email hosting provider has finally been sorted out and it’s all working great now.

Had a small hiccup with the email transfer which meant we did not get any emails sent from probably Monday morning till Thursday afternoon. Probably not the best week to be having a problem like that but then there is never really a good time to switch stuff like that.

So if you did send AusClicks an email or contact form in the last few days – unfortunately, we didn’t get it and probably won’t. Sometimes these issues sort themselves out and you get a backlog of emails that have been waiting – but not this time I think. If you could be so kind as to accept our apologies and please resend your inquiry. No – unfortunately you won’t have received a bounce-back or something before – it just completely disappeared.

Putting together a new hosting package is never easy, and usually, once you find something that works you stick with it. I had the same host for probably 8 years until recently and was pretty happy. It has to get bad to get past your inertia to move – and in May it got bad. Even then it’s taken 6 months of investigating and planning to make our moves. Many hosts and domain registrars were tested and while often promising, failed one way or another soon after. It’s amazing how different post-sales support can be to pre-sales help. That’s another story.

Even so, I found a great solution and have been testing it for about 6 weeks and couldn’t be happier. Unfortunately, I forgot my own AusClicks setup is a little different to most and so, well we didn’t get emails for 3 days. But all sorted now and no problems for the next one – lessons learned.