Batboys 2006 wrap / Batboys 2007 ?

Hi fellow Batboys

Just a quick note on Batboys 2006. Although our numbers were not great (probably less than 10 during the day I would guess) we had a damn fine time.

Dee made a comeback after being AWOL in the UK for many years. Scotty also made a return appearance after just being a lazy shit for a while.

Awesome to catch up with everyone again. Having the crawl in November was nice for a change – I certainly appreciated the warmer nights when I walked home from the Vic at 4am or whenever it was I woke up there ;) Just have to remember to pass out in a pub closer to my accommodation next time. Bloody long walk Keppel Street is.

After much planning and preparing I managed to leave my camera in Sydney so the only pics I have were on my phone which doesn’t have the best camera in it. I’ll try to get them online soon. I know some others were taking pics too so please get in touch with me about posting them.

I know Mark and I are keen to have another reunion this year if people are keen? Be great to see a few more faces but we seem to have fun regardless of who turns up. Probably around the same time – weather was nice, no clashes with Rugby etc. Did I mention the weather was nice?

Will try to post a date soon – you can subscribe to the RSS feed of this site to get the latest news etc. Otherwise keep in touch with Mark and we will post the info soon.

Just a quick note – Doug Griffin has surfaced in Hong Kong and has included his email in our contacts page. Contact him or myself about the rest of his info if you need it. Nice to hear from you Doug.

See you all soon.

Shine on.

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