Batboys XIV 2005 Wrap-up & photos

What another brilliant re-union !!

Another great year has come and gone – and only the more special for not having one last year cos Nesic was married or something (have we bled that joke dry yet?).

Got the photo’s online now at – no extra members this year :)

Friday night again was a big “night before” starting at the Park Hotel before moving on to the Eddy, Knicker and finally The Family.

Bloody big enough night in itself.

Starting at the Park was myself, Stewart Pearson and Nesic. We were joined at the Family by Burkey, Chipper, Milto and others.

EDIT: For photos from Friday night – see my moblog –

As has been the case the last few years, the day after the night before led a few of us to have a pretty slow start at the Park for Breakfast. Don’t think we even left for the Commerial until about 12noon. Joining the re-union that morning was Scott Green, Jono Phillips & Spud – a pretty small bunch this year.

But still – Pound For Pound….

After the Commercial was The Kings (in the process of being done up !!), Panorama, The Family, The Vic and the Tatts.

The Owen Brothers and Liz (Burkey’s wife’s (Anne) sister – recently back from UK) joined us at the Panorama as our token girl for the year. At the Tatts we found Tim Findlay and Biggles who were up for the Old Boys Re-Union.

From the Tatts is was back to the Park Hotel for a feed and watching the Rugby Test. We met our final Batboys of the day – Wombat and Sloth who had been playing during the day.

We never did get up to Mitchell on the day – bit lazy as we went round. Stewart Pearson did get his ass up there but the rest of us just never got there. Well done Stewart.

Overall I think we had about 15-16 Batboys back for the day – probably never more than 10 at any given time. But everyone agreed it was still a great day. Would be nice to see a few missing faces next year – Rob, Phil, Dougy, Chris etc. But if 10-15 people keep making the effort – I think we will be going for a while yet!

After the Rugby it was back to the Family where it was packed !! We bumped into some old friends – Pete and his brother Ben. Buggered if I can remember the other name now… Freddy (from Rafters) also turned up with his wife.

Some highlights from a fuzzy mind:

Nesic sleeping in his car the night before (think I forgot to mention the room number)
Great local band at the Family
Top breakfast at the Park – nice sit down job this year. Good work Spud.
Cranky bitch at the Commercial
Same blokes in the same position at the Kings
Jono not belting me for the photo from 2 years ago
Wombat getting dragged over the bar at the Park

Great weekend !! Looking forward to the next one – IN JANUARY / FEBRUARY NEXT YEAR !!! Stand by for more details of Batboys XIII – The Missing Crawl – Batboys take on Gotham City

Mick Quinn

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