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Steve Jobs passes.

I saw the notification from CNN pop up on my iPhone sometime around the hour. Steve Jobs is dead.

My thoughts: Fuck. I hope this is another hoax. They are referencing the Apple website. Probably not a hoax. Fuck. Some kids just lost their daddy.

All in the space of a moment.


Today I was going to start blogging again on Down Under Geek.

I’ve been learning all about WordPress Multi Sites for a month or so in my spare time, tried a couple of test installations. WordPress MU sites allow you to run squillions of sites off one WP install. So when it comes time to upgrade something, you only do it once for all sites, not over and over again which was shitting me before.

So for the last few days I’ve been copying over the old DUG site to the new WP MU site and fiddling about with the settings. To blow smoke up my own ass I was impressed with a few of the predictions and thoughts. You can read them if you want. So I was keen to write more stuff down and get on with it, get it set up on my iPad and other places so I could blog from wherever. I twittered with Daniel from Mars Edit (Red Sweater) about his awesome app and the Mac App Store, possible future updates, iOS versions and updating.

I was almost good to go. Then the notification popped up.

To relaunch a tech opinion blog on such a sad day felt odd. Would it feel/seem opportunistic? Every many and his blog would be writing many inane pieces bemoaning the loss of their great leader. I mean no disrespect, but so few do it respectfully. I even saw smh.com.au doing a “live blog” of the news. Whores.

But no one reads this blog – it’s barely existed over the years since the domain was registered in a fit of inspiration one night. I would feel stranger to me to not say something, put some thoughts down, if only for me to read and look back on years later.

So today, I took my 2 year old daughter out to lunch with her mum, picked up the car from the dodgy auto mechanic who said we could drive our suv in NSW instead of Victoria from now on, came home, finished fiddling with WordPress, and started writing.

Although his kids will no doubt inherit a Fairly Large Trust, there is a 13 year old girl who lost her daddy tonight. And that sucks.