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Google’s New Privacy Policy


You could be clever and say “this policy means there is no privacy”, but it’s really just spelling out clearly what Google have been doing for a couple of years.

Basically they are watching what you do, and then trying to provide you with a better internet experience from their point of view.

If this kind of thing spooks you, enable Private Browsing on your web browser, should do the trick. Personally I like the customisation features – I get frustrated more when things like this don’t learn from what I do.

What do you think?

Malware sneaking into Android market

Thank’s to Google’s “open” application marketplace (ie: No review process, post what you like), already 1% of the Apps on there have been detected as having Malware included in them – including several that were posing as Bank Apps and simply capturing your Bank details and sending them off to someone else.

The iTunes App store is a pain in the ass for developers for a reason – it stops assholes doing crap like this.

Official Google Blog – 2009 Search Review

Some interesting highlights from Google for 2009 searches. Click on the link for more about Snow Resorts.

Official Google Blog: This week in search 1/8/10.

Proportion of Google users in the United States making more than one query per day: 7 out of 10

Proportion of Google users in the United States making more than 10 queries per day: 1 out of 7

Fraction of Google queries, duplicates excluded, never seen before: More than 1/3

Fraction of Google queries, duplicates included, never seen before: More than 1/5

Country with the greatest increase in Google web search traffic in 2009 vs. 2008: Indonesia*

Approximate percentage of Internet users in Indonesia: 11.1%*

Average amount of time it takes a user to finish entering a query: 9 seconds

Average amount of time it takes Google to answer a query: Less than 1/4 second

Google sued by Philip K. Dick estate over Nexus branding

Philip K. Dick Estate Sues Google : Slice of SciFi.

Would it have killed Google to at least ask to use the name Nexus One?

Don’t try to pretend your using the name because of it’s original meaning – meeting place. Why add the One to the end of it then?

Personally I think the name Nexus One is an awesome name – but ONLY because of the attachment to Blade Runner / I Dream Of Electric Sheep.  If that movie / book didn’t exist – then Nexus One would be a pretty fricken lame name for a phone to be honest.


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