Cleaning up leaky batteries / corroded battery terminal with household items. Battery disposal tips.

Cleaning up some old clocks that have been sitting out in the “Fix It Pile” in the shed for a while and came across some batteries that had leaked and corroded the terminals. So I wanted to show how easy it is to clean up and recover items if you have had a leaky battery in them.

(also – as far as I know, vinegar is just vinegar. No need to pay for “brand” on the label. I even found out my IGA is about 1/2 the price of the Coles brand)

The second clock didn’t quite work out – but it’s been pretty dodgy since it was given to us so I was pretty happy to get rid of it finally. So it was edited out and as such made the end a bit odd.

Hang around for the end to get my tips on disposing of old batteries.

Despite what I do / say in the video. When working with leaky batteries and battery acid corrosion – it’s probably not great to get it on your skin etc. Wear gloves / eye protection with this stuff.

Another video recorded a few months ago – I noticed I’m wearing a jumper / sweater in this one so was probably around May or something. Looking forward to it cooling down again and doing some more projects in the shed.


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