Getting access to USA iTunes music store

Although the iTunes Music Store has been made available I have been looking for ages to find a way to purchase US iTunes content (especially the video stuff – big fan of Lost).

Unfortunately i am not lucky enough to know anyone in the states, or anyone with a US card. But i came across a site that is selling US iTunes gift vouchers. Basically they email you an electronic US store voucher.

Tried it out and it works fine. Although you need to register a US account, which means you need a US address (but appears as though Apple dont care what address you use – ie just make one up).. but, you dont need to register a credit card (unlike the aussie store).

But, makes me wonder about the legality of it all? Aussie can not buy from t he US store without a US card… but.. if you get a US gift voucher.. then you can use it…?? Loop hole?

anyway.. for those who are interested…