Site install update.

So far so good.

Been pretty happy with the progress so far. Very happy to find a theme that easily lets me add site URLs in a Nav Bar across the top of the site.  For what I want this site to be – a hub or many other sites, it’s ideal.

Been going through a lot of my old plugins that I had saved from other sites. Most of them didn’t make it to this one. Instead I have been going through several articles written by people smarter than me about Top 10 Plugins for WordPress, First 10 things to do with a WP blog etc. I’ve gone thru half a dozen or so of these and picked the best bits from each one.  I’ve now got a nice core of around 20 plugins – a few related to SEO which I haven’t turned on yet but I will.

I think I will probably end up writing my own Top 20 WP ideas – once I go thru a few more installs.

Main problem I have been having is getting Feedburner to work. Well feedburner works fine, but getting WP to deal with it properly seems to be a bigger pain than expected. Google seems to have fucked up quite a few links that would have been handy – it’s redirected them to a generic Google Groups page which imo is probably the most useless thing Google offers.

Yes I said typed fuck. Get over it.

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