iPhone 3.0 Predictions

(originally posted on 360mac.com)

Apple have announced an event to discuss what they are working on in the next version of software for the iPhone – iPhone 3.0. It’s going to be held March 17 US time – in about 17 hours from now. So time for a few quick predictions.

My SHUT UP List (just do it to shut everyone up)

  • Cut & Paste
  • MMS
  • Landscape Mail
  • Video Recording
  • Turn by Turn GPS
  • To Do list
  • Custom ring settings / profiles

I’d be VERY surprised if all of these (except maybe video) wasn’t included. And seriously – after 3 revs of the software – people can rightly feel pissed if they aren’t.

Improvements to existing stuff

There are a lot of little improvements Apple could make to existing Apps.

  • Camera – timer / press anywhere to take pic etc. Build in the best ideas from the App Store
  • Better for uploading to FlickR / MobileMe / Facebook
  • Some iLife / iWork / MobileMe integration
  • Faces / Places ala iPhoto 09?
  • Integrated Synch with iCal and Google Calendars
  • Add Google Groups – Contacts Groups sync

NEW Features for iPhone 3.0

  • Remote Wipe for the Rest-Of-Us
  • XCode – more templates to make apps even easier (compare number of iPhone templates to Mac templates
  • Wireless Syncing to iTunes
  • And One More Thing – the big one – Core Fart Noises Layer for OSX 10.6

It will be interesting to see how many ideas Apple takes from Apps selling in the App Store. Yes it will suck for the developer, but you can’t use that as an excuse not to improve the OS. Not like they haven’t done it before with Mac OSX (Spaces, Dashboard etc)


Updated to add more.

There is nothing like hitting Publish on a post to unlock a flood of new ideas. Lets add a couple more to the list:

(this is the Wu Method of naming everything you and everyone else can think of, analysts get paid big bucks for this)

  • PUSH
  • Voice Dialing
  • Tethering (I could care less, till I need it)
  • Bluetooth support for Keyboards etc

One More Thing…

Support for larger sized screen – 7 or 10 inch – for Apple Tablet product to be released in September / October (with next iPod rev). If Apple plans to release something like this in 09 – this will be the occasion for developers to be told about it so they can.. develop.

Oh. And if Voice Play is announced – that one was mine too.

UPDATE: The silly section.

  • New Version of iTunes
  • Beatles on iTunes
  • Stability updates
  • and Flash support – why is no one talking about Flash support?