WWDC 2008 Prediction Results

(originally posted on 360mac.com)

Now that the “SteveNote” from WWDC has been finished – lets see how I went with my predictions.


100% – 3G iPhone
100% – iPhone 2.0 software & App Store
95% – 3G iPhone to be triple or quad band
90% – GPS on 3G iPhone
75% – 3G iPhone in different colors
70% – OSX 10.6 announced
95% – OSX 10.6 called Snow Leopard
50% – .Mac refresh announcement
10% – iPhone Nano / Alternate models
0% – OSX 10.6 to have no new features


75% – New MacBooks announced
65% – BluRay available
95% – .Mac Free (95% the basic service will be made free if its refreshed)
20% – MacBook Air 2.0
10% – iPhone gets plastic back
10% – MacBook Air Pro


95% – Better camera on iPhone
65% – OSX 10.6 to be Intel Macs only


10 right, 6 wrong (including a couple of long shots), 2 we don’t know yet.

Pretty happy with my guesses. I was pretty sure this was going to be the 3G iPhone 2.0 show with not a lot of room for other things like new Macs. Thought one of those I got wrong might have made a sexy “One More Thing” – but I guess Apple want the next 4 weeks of millions of dollars of free press to be all about the iPhone.

I like the changes to .Mac – now MobileMe. Pity the logo reminds me so much of Windows ME. Don’t think MobileME will ever really take off until it become a free service for all. $99 for a solo user with a iPhone is just a little too much. It rocks when you have multiple machines, but really it should just be free.

iTunes Music Store would never gotten to 80% market if people had to pay for it.

I kinda hate the plastic backs on the 3G iPhones. But as someone who has spent last few years with Motorola phones (with metal backs) and the crappy reception – it might not be such a bad thing.

No (RED)?

No 32Gig version?

Quick note on 10.6 Snow Leopard

I think the “low key” treatment of Snow Leopard was a good idea. The next 3 months are going to be a press frenzy on the 3G iPhone. The gestation of 10.5 Leopard from public announcement to release was way too long. But given 5000 developers are there for WWDC – your not going to call them back in a few months to show em 10.6. No doubt there will be a big Snow Leopard feature in January 09, when the software will be only a few months away from release.

No new features? Hardly. Improved enterprise support, new video with QuickTime X, no doubt the next generation of MobileME integration. Maybe nothing as shiny as Time Machine or Quick Look – but all important improvements nonetheless.

Roll on July 11.