Batboys XII 2003

August 16 2003 Well what a huge !#@$ day !! Absolutely brilliant fun again.

While down a few numbers this year due to rugby, a car rally, babies, generally being a blouse. Those that did turn up had a ball.

The jumpers looked warm – the beanies stood out – and we looked fantastic !!!

12 pubs in all from my memory: Park Commercial Kings Bowling Club Panorama Knicker (nice lunch Dougie) Family Tatts Vic Railway Ox Eddie Park to finish off.

Did anyone make the filthy Tavern this year ? I lost Phil at the Railway… Last men standing were myself, Nesic (who died but came back strong once off the beer and onto the Bush Chooks) and Tim Brown.

Big special mention to the return of Chris Aleyne after several years absence. Also Ron McCumstie joined us again, Jonesy stayed away (poof), Milto had a little sleep about midday at the Bowling Club, Chipper was in fine form and we all got scared out of the Tatts by some oldies pub crawl.

I’ll write a bit more in the next week or so once I get the photo’s developed. I’m about to move to sunny Mildura in Victoria next week so will be offline for a bit. But if anyone wants to write a few memories of the day then send them to me. As well as photos of this year I have lots of pics from last couple of years. Mr Nesic will also be giving me details of excess jumpers he has for sale, plus we might do another run of Beanies if there is enough interest.

All the best.

Mick Quinn


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